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Friends only

As about 99% of my posts are friendslocked, this journal is (mostly) Friends Only.

Comment to be added.

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Um...okay...add me? o.O

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My other journal uses a gunblade. ;)

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Hello. I have been directed here by someone who tells me that you have a character, Dr. Muraki by name, who sounds as though they would be very interesting to RP with a certain other character of mine, namely Melisande.



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If she's interested in meeting a sadistic, psychotic doctor, sure. XD He couldn't be at DF as he's a manga/anime character so he was only at the anime spin-off comm.

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Hi there,

I was curious to know if you could add me as a friend perhaps? I read through other comments by individuals and I noticed you have a skill with writing horror? :O I am so looking for some horror tales (original or not). I melt for sadistic psychopaths and...well, I won't rant but yes, I was prowling for horror :)

Have a good bloody day!

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XD Sure. Horror is my first love and I especially love the villains. I used to write a lot and haven't done much lately (been doing too much RPing instead) but I do plan to get back into it. My long term goal is to be a horror novelist.

I did recognise your icon and as you may have seen I RP Dr. Muraki online. Nasty man... He's much like many of my original characters. XD

Anyway, I'll add you now and do you want to join my writing comm too? There's not much there yet but it will come eventually!

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Hi! This is OOC Gwendal, may I be added? ^^;;;

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OK. Adding you now. ^_^

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Okay so I have this thing, where if a person comes up in a conversation with another person, it's silly not to just be friends with them directly. So um. *friends*

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^_^ *friends back*
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Re: i kinda like Murata.

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Sure. ^_^

I'm Murata fan too!

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plz add me >_

Re: I'm Murata fan too!

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Heh. OK. From what I saw of the comms you have friended you may be interested in [ profile] kkm_challenge too. Most of my KKM writing and art is there. ^_^

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Hisoka, here! Me, too, please?

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Hello! ^_^

By the way, Muraki may be back at Glaxcin one day - if I ever get some time. No promises, but it's a possibility.


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Hey! I randomly found you in the KKM fandom and thought it would be nice with another KKM fan to know! :D also your 'friends only' banner is epic x3

Re: Hello~

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Hi and thank you! I'll add you so feel free to add me back. ^_^

Re: Hello~

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want to join?

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This journal is friends only, so, may I be added?
I've been a Murata fan for a while and am on the hunt for fics and doujinshi and basically anything about the Great Sage.

Re: want to join?

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Hi. ^_^ Added.

If you want fics, etc, you should check out [ profile] kkm_challenge, [ profile] kkm_murakenfans and [ profile] kyou_kara_maou.
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Heya! Adaon's player from Carpe dropping by to say hello. Care to be friends?

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your Rufus icon was arted by Side-R. ♥ one of my favourite FF7 fanartists from ages ago, hee.

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OMG. XD Thank you! I've wondered for ages. I saw a bunch of their art years ago and never knew who'd done it.

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I'm slow with everything lately! *hugs* Added! ^_^
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Sure! I've been thinking of asking you the same question. XD

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Hi, Atlanta/Hisoka-mun here. This is my OOC journal. (I actually PAID up, so it's usable now.) Can you friend me?

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Sure! :)