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2014-07-10 08:10 pm
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Friends only

As about 99% of my posts are friendslocked, this journal is (mostly) Friends Only.

Comment to be added.
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2008-09-15 03:47 pm
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Rating Stamps

(Again, moving the stamps from my profile to a post.)
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2008-09-15 03:24 pm
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Creative Awards

I got a pretty banner for being efficient!

Moving my other awards from my profile to this post.
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2007-05-07 05:30 pm

A technical suggestion

This is not directed at anyone in particular as nearly everyone has this but if you're having trouble with your comments pages here's a suggestion:

Go to the tabs at the top of the page and click on Journal ---> Customize Journal. It will be on Basics so then go to ----> Custom Options. Look down the list until you see ----> Disable customized comment pages for your journal. There is a drop-down box, which is often default set to no. Set it instead to ---> Yes.

This will turn off the individual look of your journal only on the comments page, which makes it both easier to read and stops those running errors where you can't even see the comments anymore. It doesn't affect the look of your main journal (or friends pages; etc) otherwise. Sure, it's plainer but it's much more manageable when the comments excede 50 (which often happens with RP threads).

This is only to make things easier, if you want to, and if maybe you weren't sure how to change it. Again, it's to nobody in particular since almost every journal I've come across has their custom comments pages on (it's default for most of the styles, after all, except a few of the older ones). However, if you want to keep it as is and have style over practicality, that's your choice!